Replacing iAd with admob etc.

(update 02-18-2019) Came across this blog post by Jonathan Li, which has more comprehensive steps. (Original 03-11-2017) Recently I picked up my old iOS app as the framework it replied on Parse was going sunset (the date was Jan 28, 2017). I picked up Google firebase after reading a few posts including the one at […]

Many roads to Rome

I mentioned sometime ago that LaunchCode is a great way to get into programming / software development world for a grown-up whose background is not computer science or information science. But that’s not the only way. More recently I noticed some friends made the transition from research position at Washington University to industry. Again there […]

2016 year end review

This is the beginning of the 2017, and it’s also the customary review season for me. This weekend is a bit interesting as we got freezing rain on Friday (and I had to work from home on that day), also due to the fact about a month ago we had freezing rain on a Friday […]

Apple Watch 2 first impression

(Update 31-Jan-2019) I used the Apple watch for 2+ years now. Did have a replacement in Sept 2017 as the old watch just did not work (not charging, not responding). It’s a Nike version but the warranty is still honored by Apple. I brought it to local Apple store and was able to receive a […]

Source code control

Or version control. My wife is taking a class at launchcode and she just started learn git, one of the most popular source code control systems. Git has a steep learn curve, in my opinion, but it’s getting popular, widely used and I think that’s the reason they picked it. But I think that could […]

Vagrant, Consul

(Update 07-08-2018) Noticed this nice write up of hashicorp by redmonk. (Original Oct 2016) The following is mostly notes for myself, when I followed the Consul get started guide (by Hashi corp). Pre-requisite: vagrant How I created a Vagrant instance on mac (or be more precise, Vagrant Cluster (github)). Note I installed the Virtual Box, […]