Earn $25 filing a bug report, enhancement request, or user story

for #iPhone #app #myNestEgg ~ the retirement calculator (link at iTunes store) and receive an Amazon gift card (one winner per category). I am starting this mostly for fun, three categories ($25 per category): bug report; enhancement request; user story Send email to uudaddy(No Spam) AT gmail DOT com. This runs until Dec 31, 2010. […]

Submitted 2nd iPhone iOS app collegeFund ~ college savings calculator

(Update 10-26-2010) I forgot to mention that app is available at iTunes App store since Oct 5. The product support page is at uudaddy. Sorry for my omission 🙂 (Original) I submit the collegeFund app 3 days ago. This app is similar to the myNestEgg ~ the retirement calculator, it helps parents (and other family […]

Announcing iPhone app myNestEgg ~ the retirement calculator

(Update Oct-22-2010) The version 1.1 was released yesterday Oct 21, 2010. This link is the same. Release notes is attached at the iTune store description as well. (Original) iTune store link here. Product support page here. What is it (myNestEgg)? myNestEgg is a retirement (savings/income) calculator iPhone app. It runs on iOS 3.1.2 or later. […]

Looking for a few good reviewers and bloggers for iPhone app

I am looking for a few good reviewers and bloggers for my 1st iPhone app, myNestEgg ~ the retirement calculator. Here are a few basic requirements for the reviewer/blogger: 1) An iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad device with iOS 3.1.2 or above. 2) Has an iPhone app review site or a personal finance blog […]

Earn up to 75,000 AA miles for new Citi AAdvantage card holder

(Update 02-10-2011) The previous link expired. Try this new link if interested. One difference is they requires one spend $4000 in first 6 months to get the full 75,000 miles. Good luck! (Update 09-17-2010) I got the 75,000 AA miles. (Update 8-19-2010) Received the Citi Platinum Select /AAdvantage Visa Signature card today, called and verified […]

Time to get a new car, or a used one?

(Update 07-24-2010) Got it, this is my new car (SUV, or tall wagon to be exact), 2006 Subaru Forester. BTW, I think this Subaru Credit Card reward program is quite interesting. (Picture credit: edmunds.com) (Original) As much as I love my 2001 family sedan, recent repair bills made me think hard on my options. Year […]

Cash Back Credit Card II: rebate category madness

(Update 07-28-2010) I found Citi® Platinum Select® AAdvantage® World MasterCard® to be interesting. AA actually offers 3 cards: Master Card, American Express or Visa. They has a 30,000 miles promotion as of now. Another card, which is more useful in our daily lives, is the Upromise® World MasterCard® credit card with Dining & Grocery Rewards, […]

SPG Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX credit card special offer

First I want to thank everyone who used my referral enrolling in Ohio College Advantage 529 plan, esp. those of you who kept quiet after using my referral code. My daughter (although she can not understand what is college these days, being 3 months and 3 weeks old) and my wife also want to express […]

Credit card series I: Amazon Visa Card

link here. This is the new card I got this year. I got the $40 first statement credit, and am very pleased to get the extra points for my Amazon purchase (quite a bit after our new baby born). With your Amazon.com Rewards Credit Card, you will earn points for every dollar you spend on […]

What is American Funds and my 401k choice

It’s 401k enrollment time, because of my recent job change. I have lived life without 401k contribution for several months now, although I tried to keep up with buying mutual fund Scottrade IRA account. But I found this IRA thing is not as easy my good old 401k account. Couple reasons: 1) Automatic payroll deduction […]