Java thread and interview questions

Hibernate map one to many (Vlad Mihalcea) A collection of the posts I saw recently. Java World Introduction to Java threads Java 101: Understanding Java threads, Part 1: Introducing threads and runnables Others Java Callable Future Example Java – Multithreading Java Thread Tutorial: Creating Threads and Multithreading in Java Vaadin chat example It needs multi […]

Dotnet core

Build a CRUD App with ASP.NET Core 2.2 and Entity Framework Core One advantage I see using dotnet core is for .Net shops the transition is relatively smooth in terms of skill set. Second advantage is it’s cross platform (Windows, Mac and Linux): so in away it’s get the same cross platform capability as Java […]

Javascript jasmine node.js and Alexa

Alexa Alexa Account Linking: 5 Steps to Seamlessly Link Your Alexa Skill to User Systems That Require Authentication (Sebastien Stormacq, done) User Account Linking in Alexa with ASP.NET Web API (Heather Downing, Okta) Linking Your Alexa Skill Securely with Okta (Jefferson Haw, Okta) Account Linking : Amazon Alexa and ForgeRock OpenAM using OAuth2 Authorization grant […]

h2 database

H2 Database – Installation H2 Database – JDBC Connection (the only differs from the docs is we need to add “mem” before the “:~/test”. Otherwise it gives me error. Mixed mode Another Java H2 tutorial Last but not least, how much time should a coding test be? I feel couple hours are probably the way […]

Database deployment automation

DB deployment (schema or DDL, package) Continuous integration and deployment of database is a main issue for many legacy monolithic web app. I came across this article recently, and I think it touched some good points. On a related matter, Jeff Atwood (cofounder of stack overflow), has a good piece on database version control. I […]

Working from home friendly companies

Or companies that allows or encourages remoting. Zapier (Emily Irish) The Remote Work Survival Guide: 9 Do’s & Don’ts Every Remote Worker Needs to Know stackoverflow remote dev jobs: e.g., MobyMax: this is very interesting because I learned about Mobymax because my daughter’s school has the subscription. Top 30 Companies for Work-from-Anywhere Remote Jobs in […]


(Update 03-21-2019) Add the Power of Webhooks to Your App with Okta’s System Log (Joël Franusic at Okta). (Original 12-28-2008) Webhooks I heard webhooks from Zapier the first. Below is an good article written by the folks at Zapier. What are the webhooks? (Zapier) Was trying to follow the tutorial from the above requestbin tool […]

Node js tutorials and webtask

(Original 11-30-2014, to be worked on) I heard about Node js for a while, until recently I had opportunity to practice it. I used this tutorial from as a start, as I had good experience using the iOS tutorial on ray’s site. But I need to learn more. Here is another one (similar to […]