2016 year end review

This is the beginning of the 2017, and it’s also the customary review season for me. This weekend is a bit interesting as we got freezing rain on Friday (and I had to work from home on that day), also due to the fact about a month ago we had freezing rain on a Friday […]

Apple Watch 2 first impression

(Update 31-Jan-2019) I used the Apple watch for 2+ years now. Did have a replacement in Sept 2017 as the old watch just did not work (not charging, not responding). It’s a Nike version but the warranty is still honored by Apple. I brought it to local Apple store and was able to receive a […]

Source code control

Or version control. My wife is taking a class at launchcode and she just started learn git, one of the most popular source code control systems. Git has a steep learn curve, in my opinion, but it’s getting popular, widely used and I think that’s the reason they picked it. But I think that could […]

Vagrant, Consul

(Update 07-08-2018) Noticed this nice write up of hashicorp by redmonk. (Original Oct 2016) The following is mostly notes for myself, when I followed the Consul get started guide (by Hashi corp). Pre-requisite: vagrant How I created a Vagrant instance on mac (or be more precise, Vagrant Cluster (github)). Note I installed the Virtual Box, […]

Podcast I listened recently

I used to listen APM: Market Place (NPR) and the Nightly Business Report (PBS => CNBC). I was a business news junkie, and was into stock market. I also listened to a more in-depth podcast: the weathtrack by Consuelo. More recently, I expanded my podcasts a bit, as you can see from below. NPR hidden […]

Back to iPhone

I used the Amazon Fire phone as my personal phone for almost a year. But a recent incident made me decide to switch. I have an iPhone 6 from work since last Sept. But for all the important places such as my daughter’s school I leave my own mobile phone number there. And last week, […]


(Update 11-19-2015) It appears Facebook started to spam me. It sent an email saying I got a new message, which is not true. It actually sent not just one, but two messages. Also this is the second week of my pager duty. This afternoon Gas Buddy sent me an alert, and it got to my […]