Resources for aspiring software developers in St. Louis

We know St. Louis is not a hot (or cool) place as Seattle/Silicon Valley in terms of job opportunities for software engineers. But St. Louis area have plenty of opportunities from small to large organizations, with a diverse industries. There are also many resources for aspiring software developers who like to join the industry. The […]

tvOS tutorials collections

Note this is also available at github. (10-06-2015 Update 2) Came across this one by tutsplus. Also the thoughts by Erica and savyapps. (09-28-2015 Update) Came across this tutorial by madeupbypeople. Looks good. Also, note Xcode 7.1 beta 2 is coming out, along with iOS 9.0.1 (09-19-2015 Original) My Apple TV dev kit arrived. I […]

Mobile Device Management

or MDM for the abbreviation. If you have read my blog for a while, you know I was a Blackberry fan, Blackberry was also my first Smartphone. The company (used to be Research In Motion) and the Blackberry has been in declining in recent years, and yesterday it announced buying the Good Technology (a rival […]