Facebook Paper app, Twitter

Two social media companies are in news today, Facebook released the new Paper app on iPhone, and Twitter announced the user growth is not as fast as the Wall Street liked. Maybe the 3rd, LinkedIn announced not so spectacular quarter after market today. I tried Facebook Paper app. To be honest I have been Facebook […]

Ag Bank of China IPO: bull case, bear case

Business week: Summary Box: China’s AgBank IPO nabs $19.2 billion. Wiki; Official web site of Ag Bank China’s (ABC, 中国农业银行股份有限公司). (source: ForeignHR) Bear case Ag bank of China primarily serves the less-developed regions and people in China: the rural areas, the villages, the farmers and peasants, the agriculture related business. Since the founding of People’s […]

Mistras IPO looks interesting

(Update 22Oct09) SEC filing 424B4. (Original) I talked about Mistras (NYSE:MG) IPO briefly the other day. Today I read this “MatlinPatterson Global Sells $3M Worth of Huntsman“. And in this news I saw some insiders of Mistras bought some shares in IPO: Mistras Group (MG) Stamatakis Manuel N DIR 6,000 $75,000 Mistras Group (MG) Peterik […]

IPO: It’s Probably Overpriced

That’s not my observation, that’s what Graham, the value investing guru, said in his book “Intelligent Investor”. I think this is especially true in the current IPO market. Two large recent IPOs, Shanda Games (Nasdaq:GAME) and Banco Santander Brasil S.A. (BSBR, SANB11.BR), showed exactly that. Both traded lower the first day it went public. I […]

Vitacost: another recent IPO

(11Nov09) The company announced Q3 09 results. Note the company had higher than expected expense on stock based executive compensation (related to IPO). Basically the company let the executive stock options vested upon IPO. (Update Oct 08, 2009) I sold it this afternoon (ET) at $10, and got the new IPO Mistras (NYSE:MG). Like I […]

Education Management Corporation EDMC IPO today

(Update 2) It appears EDMC IPO had warm reception. After all, it’s backed by Goldman (both as investor and IPO underwriter). Also from Reuters. (Update) BTW, I found Echo Global Logistics IPO to be much more interesting, will write it up soon. (Original) Priced at $18 a piece (Reuters), quote: EDMC (web site), a provider […]