Why Buffett bought BNSF and did stock split?

(Source: lsnhs.leesummit.k12.mo.us) I can think of a few reasons: 1) He sees value in BNSF; 2) He want to use some cash so that his successor won’t have too much cash to squander (this is legit considering his age, and a lot of times people make mistake when they are rich); 3) Last but most […]

Peter Peterson on Blackstone, China, deficit and healthcare etc.

Mr. Peterson has background both in government and private sector: he has been commerce secretary and is co-founder and senior chairman of Blackstone (the private equity group). Very wise guy in my mind. Charlie Rose interview July 3, 2009 (link)

WealthTrack Notes

David Swensen (head of Yale endowment management) Individual should be responsible to educate themselves if they actively manage their portfolio or just go passive: investing in index fund (this is echo to Buffett, Bogle). There is nothing in between (in other words, he thinks doing something in between can not bring good performance). David is […]

Exelon NRG Energy saga continues

(Presentation May 27) NRG Energy at Deutsche Bank Securities Energy & Utilities Conference. (Noise from OptionMonster May 27) Options prepare for drop in NRG. I am not expert in Options, but I think stock price should affect option (derivative) price, not the other way around (as the NRG options shown in Yahoo Finance). Maybe guys […]

Berkshire sold some ConocoPhillips shares in Q1 and April

(Update) RationalWalk has a much more comprehensive piece on Berkshire Q1 results. (Original) News from San Jose Mercury News. Quote: Berkshire says it sold 13.7 million of its 79.9 million shares of ConocoPhillips during the first quarter to generate a loss that can offset past capital gains taxes. More details from its Q1 earning report […]

Random thoughts on Berkshire annual meeting weekend

(Update 04May09) Buffett CNBC interview. (Monday Becky Quick) I did not go to the Berkshire annual shareholder meeting, partly because of the recession (cost cutting), partly because I sold the stock recently (note: one does not have to buy stock to get the admission ticket, they sell it at $5 on eBay). There are live […]