Snow, Baidu, Chesapeake, Pilgrim’s Pride

(Update) Felt I am like a car-thief today: had to climb from back seat to front seat, because the front doors were frozen due to snow. Don’t know how the by standers felt? (Original) It started to snow here in St. Louis, yesterday morning I saw a little bit snow on the car, this morning […]

Why Fazoli is so crowded?

(Update July 17) I went to Fazoli this evening to take some food home. Surprisingly there are many people again. Another sign average people are feeling the pinch in this recession. (Original) Fazoli has been my favorite lunch places for a while. Recently it got more and more crowded during lunch time. This seems strange […]


It seems the market is not the only thing that is testing our mind/heart/nerve/will, the midwest flood has also caused substantial demage to WI, IA, IL and the Show Me state. Couple days ago the levee at Hanibal broke. Don’t know if the Mark Twain museum there has been demaged?