If it’s not broken, don’t fix it?

This is the common saying I heard a lot when I started worked for a software company on development. I can list some of the pros and cons of fix it. Pros Architecture chaos: if not fixing it, basically as the software ages, per the “broken windows” theory, people would just throw in changes to […]

Why unit test?

For the pretty reports? About a year ago, I worked for a client for an iOS project. The developer I worked with is very enthusiastic about unit testing, test driven development. I recall he used some tool (lcov, stands for line coverage), and set up the build script such that the unit test and lcov […]

Code signing error in Xcode

Had my share of code signing problem (esp. the enterprise distribution certificate) in my Xcode development. Luckily, stackoverflow rescued me as always. It seems a lot problem is due to the Xcode upgrade, project name change, provision profile/distribute certificate expiring etc. And the solution is usually delete or comment out the offending line. Like below. […]