The iPhone development provision problem

I got this problem 2 days ago, exactly same as it being described at Stackoverflow. My environment: Xcode 3.1.4, iPhone OS 3.1.2, Mac OS 10.5.8 (yeah, I am a little old school). Struggled a bit, tried creating new certificates, using old certificates, blah blah blah. Nothing, still see the same message after I added the […]

Barnes and Noble: a declining book selling empire?

I started writing this post a while ago, after I bought Barnes Noble nook (e-reader), and Barnes Noble stock (NYSE:BKS). BN recently changed its brand of e-reader app on Android from BN to nook (it already use nook on iPhone and iPad), so nook is more than an e-reader, it’s at the center of BN’s […]

Valuation of Yahoo’s Alibaba stake

Yahoo buys US$1 billion stake in Alibaba (2005-8-11, China Daily): $1 billion for 40% stake of Alibaba Group (parent company of Alibaba, Taobao and Alipay). Taotao and Alipay is Chinese equivalent of eBay and Paypal, repectively. Yahoo sells direct stake in (cnet, 2009-9-14). Quote: ====== Yahoo has sold 1 percent of its stake in […]

Joined Bank of America Keep the Change Program

(Update 05-07-2010) I just found out some more details on how it works. Per BoA’s FAQ of the Keep the Change Program, “The matching funds will be credited annually to your savings account. This will take place within 8 weeks after the month of your enrollment anniversary for the Keep the Change® savings service.” (Update […]

Is PALM here to stay: II

I sold my few shares of Palm Friday morning shortly after opening. Palm (Nasdaq:PALM) share dropped 29% on Friday after horrific earning outlook (marketWatch). Palm is increasingly likely to say “bye bye” to its loyal customers in a year or two. Quote sobelmedia: ====== I’m never going to forget my very first Palm Pilot in […]

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

My old friend, high end restaurant with family appeal, and a legendary founder (company web site). I traded it (Nasdaq:RUTH) back in 2005 shortly after its IPO. Obviously with the recession, high end was hurt badly, RUTH was no exception. To make matter worse, RUTH bought a seafood chain in early 2008 using debt. The […]

Bought some Developers Diversified Realty DDR

Got some Developers Diversified Realty (NYSE:DDR) shares. A bit late. But as an old saying goes “better late than never”. Why I said “late”? Because the smart money already bought a boat load of this in Feb this year (Developers Diversified Enters Into Agreement to Sell 30 Million Shares to the Otto Family). Quote: it […]

FFO, LaSalle Hotel Properties LHO

(Aug. 06, 2009) Strategic Hotels misses estimates, sees local revenue fall, quote: A closely watched measure of REIT financial performance, FFO is net income excluding gains or losses from property sales, plus depreciation and amortization. (May 1, 2004) Table Is Set for New Round of Hotel IPOs, quote: Historically, stocks in the sector traded at […]