Don’t Count eBay and Yahoo out

Google is doing everything to become the king of the Internet. The holiday promotion of Google Check out is targeted towards eBay’s Paypal; in the search market it’s continuing gaining market share from Yahoo, although I still like Yahoo Mail better than GMail 🙂 eBay is not standing still, it’s raising the listing fees. As […]

The Status of Internet Development in China

Keso (Hong Bo), an outspoken blogger in China, summerized his views about the Internet in China in his blog. While I don’t 100% agree with his view, I think some of his points are well said. I am thinking current stock market in China kind reflect this “make quick money” theme. By the way, Keso has some cool pictures […]

More Patience Needed for Internet Disruption

Here is what I saw from eBay: ***Asia Internet Connectivity Hit by Taiwan Earthquake – Trading Advice***     December 28, 2006 | 12:28PM PST/PT “On December 26, an earthquake off the coast of Taiwan damaged several undersea cables shared by international telecommunications companies. This has disrupted Internet connectivity in many countries in Asia, including Australia. […]

China Software Companies II

A commond question about China software industry is: while China leads India on hardware, manufacturing and many other aspects, why is she behind India on software? After all, Chinese are smart people too. Well, the main reason, I think, is China has domestic demand for software, while India has to compete with the western developed countries (US, UK) for the projects. Or put it […]

China Software Companies I

I thought about this topic for a while; I decided to start it after seeing the recent hypes on E-future stock. E-future claims it is the first Chinese software company listed in the NASDAQ Capital Market. This is correct but it is a bit misleading. There are two markets in NASDAQ: National Market and Capital […]