Moving wordpress from shared host to aws ec2

I did an experiment recently trying to move my wordpress website from a shared hosting site to Amazon aws ec2 micro instance (t1). The migration was mostly successful, I did not make the move eventually due to some technical and non-technical reasons. Nonetheless, I would like to share some of the lesson I learned from […]

Spammer stole my Yahoo email and sent out spam mails

Friends, in case you received an email selling you Viagra online, which appears sent from my Yahoo email. I apologize. Obviously I don’t sell those. Some hackers used my Yahoo email and did this. Please ignore that mail. More information (prevention tips) about this tactic can be seen at: I had my email account hacked […]

Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

Blogging is declining. My friend Wang Jianshuo reminds me about this trend. Obviously Jianshuo has much more authority on this because he started blogging on Sept 11 2002 and has a large followers at his blog. On the other hand, I have joined Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter this year (not necessarily in this order). And it […]

How do you know about visitors to your website ?

How much Google knows about you? The google dashboard. I found out the google search I did last Saturday on “enable root on Mac” (by going to google => “My Account” => “web history”). I believe there is a setting a google user can change to disable google to collect the data. But for me […]