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Things to pay attention when using agents

Interesting Articles
Disclaimer: the quality of articles vary. I do NOT necessarily agree with the views expressed by the authors.

NBR at PBS (Oct 2009 through Sept 2010): Your Mind & Your Money

Bogle WSJ op-ed 01/08/2009: 6 Lessons for Investors

Althea Chang (via. yahoo Finance): 6 Serious Office Health Risks

JoelOnSoftware 04/06/2000: Things You Should Never Do, Part I

Peter Peterson 10/14/09: Questions America must ask on health costs (Financial Times)

WSJ Journal Reports (Shelly Banjo 6/08/09)
The Best Online Tools for Personal Finance

John Malone at D7 (video).

Eric Zheng (Chinese): 生活中总有一些事情让人狂汗

Jane Kim 040809: More investors say bye-bye to buy&hold

Yahoo Tech-ticker: Geithener’s Stress Test A Complete Sham

Janet Tavakoli (author of “Dear Mr. Buffett”): Q & A (video and transcript)

Dan Ariely (author of Predictably Irrational):
VA Book Fair speech (short version)

C-Span (full speech)

The Predictably Irrational book (Amazon)

Andy Kessler 03/26/09: have we seen the last of the bear raids

George Soros 03/23/09: One Way to Stop Bear Raids

James Chanos 03/23/09: We Need Honest Accounting

Michael Osinski (NY Mag) How I wrote the software that blew up wall street

bloomberg May 20, 2008: Hedge Funds in Swaps Face Peril With Rising Junk Bond Defaults CDS (Credit default swap) mini series

Joseph L. Shaefer March 18, 2009: Too Big to Fail, Or Too Dumb to Survive CDS (Credit default swap) mini series

井底望天: 四面楚歌之美国篇 (

Meredith Whitney 03/10/09: Credit Cards Next Credit Crunch

Peng Bo: Whatcha Gonna Do When 1+1 No Longer Equals 2?

LOUISE STORY and JULIE CRESWELL NY Times 02/07/09:For Bank of America and Merrill, Love Was Blind

Goverment efforts
Tracking your tax dollar: Read the Stimulus

Other Interesting sites

Interesting Videos
CEO of Eaton Gives Job Advice (link)

Kenny Rogers: Gambler (YouTube)

Lyrics can be seen here.

Source: WSJ

Gift card
Buy and Sell Gift Cards via. GiftCardGranny (an introduction by FinanceDad)


mitbbs GiftCard board (Chinese中文)

20somethingfinance: Card Act 2010 effect on gift cards (bottom-line is more consumer friendly).

A few ways to replace bing cashback
1) Fatwallet (my old friend): percentage is lower, but fast and reliable

2) Cash back credit card, for instance, Citi Dividend card, Discover cash bonus card, Amazon Visa card. Also, try Target store card (5% cash back for Target purchase)

The following are more unconventional ways to save.

3) Discount gift card with coupon code, per

4) Potential savings on online sales tax, check the city and zip code, for instance, change St. Louis to Creve Coeur in my case

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