Today change of Dow Jones Industrial

GM was replaced by Cisco; Citi replaced by Travellers. Source: WSJ. (you may need to get the full article via Google). Interesing part (for me), quote WSJ: Why choose a tech company, Cisco, to replace an automaker? We did not need another consumer goods company after adding Kraft Foods when we removed AIG. In looking […]

Should we bailout the big 3 car makers?

Obviously the big 3 auto makers came back to news with the Congressional hearing today. This big 3 Washington show started before the Thanksgiving with the “corporate jet gate”, in which the reporters and some congressmen questioned the 3 CEOs taking corporate jets to ask for money: it like one begs for money while wearing […]

Bottom fishing time?

Yesterday was another brutal day in the Wall Street, or the Bay Street (Toronto), or SSE (Shanghai Securities Exchange). According to the number, the Dow is now officially in bear territory. General Motor (NYSE:GM), a Dow component and an American icon, hit 53 years low. It closed at $11.43. So, should we go bottom fishing? […]