My half year preliminary report

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I was very pleased with my portfolio’s first 6 months’ performance this year, while I don’t have exact number here (waiting for Scottrade to create June 2007 statement), my return is about 30%. My biggest winner is Crocs (CROX), which went up more than 100%, Mindray (MR) also helped a lot (went from $23 to $31). Some of the losers include: NINE, GSIT, SBUX (hate to say that because I think it’s a good company). And I made a mistake to let EDU go too early (sold at 37 and 40, it’s more than 50 now). So the No. 1 lesson is: keep the winners, sell the losers, not the other way around.

Note I do not trade on margin (borrow money from brokerage firm), short stocks or trade options (call, put). I merely buy and sell stocks, and I usually hold a stock from a few days to months. Also for the reference, S&P 500 went up 7.13% in last 6 months; Russel 2000 was up about 11.1%.

As much as I like, I don’t expect such a good return in the second half of this year.


  1. Pretty good yah! 🙂

    Mine is simple, half AAPL and half cash. Since AAPL up 40%+, I must have 20%+ so far.

    This year I have decided to do less trading, for health reasons… in fact, after bought AAPL I haven’t trade anything for many months.

    Didn’t get in CROX is the biggest regret this year…

  2. I think “less trading” is a good idea generally. Although I was not in day trading, I did (average) trade 4 or 5 times per month. I hope I can reduce a little. I think it would be interesting to do a “what if” analysis, see the difference between “if I hold the stocks of Dec 31, 06 without doing any trading” vs. actual portfolio.

    AAPL is a good company. Let’s see how iPhone plays out for the stock. It already helped the stock up $30 to $40. Amazing.

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