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Alibaba debut in HK

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(Update Nov 6) Keso wrote an interesting piece about Ma Yun and Alibaba IPO. DBANotes also has an interesting article about Alibaba IPO. The author Fenng works for Ali.

(Original) The ticker symbol is 1688.HK. It opened at HKD 30.00, a big jump from the IPO price HKD 13.50.

I have not looked at its prospectus, as I am not interested in big name IPO, nor am I an expert in B2B. Andy Yu wrote a good blog about B2B, the business Alibaba is involved in.

On the other hand, I do like the other arm of Alibaba group, the Alimama, or Ali Soft. Alimama is an online ad platform for small business. I think at some point it will challenges Baidu and Google.

Alibaba and Alimama are separate divisions of Alibaba group, the group owned and managed by big mouth Ma Yun.

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  1. […] It was a short while ago (last Nov) Alibaba did its high profile IPO in Hongkong. Now it’s back in the news again. Don’t get me wrong, Jack Ma (Ma Yun), the founder and Chairman of Ali, was always in the news. I remember a few years ago (when the company was private) he said Ali pays 1 millions Yuan everyday, that’s not a small number and people thought Mr. Ma was bragging. Oh, well, bragging or not. Alibaba’s IPO was very successful, and it created a few hundred millionares (stock option holders) in its employee bases, from what I read last Oct. […]

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