CFA level I Dec exam result

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This morning, 9:05 AM, CFA Institute web page is again hit hard: I mean all the people are trying to log in and see the results of CFA level I exam last Dec. After about I waited 25 minutes, just before I entering the customer meeting room, I am seeing passing rate: 35%. This is similar to the June passing rate (35%). After I entered the meeting room, entered the user name and password again, and here is the result.

Level 1: Pass

Cool. But the customer meeting started right away, so I have to withhold my feelings. Compared to the June results, I did better on “Financial Reporting & Analysis”, but worse on “Ethical & Professional Standards”.

Here are the details.


Here is the June 2008 results


  1. Congrats. I just found out my result from the June 2009 exam today at 6:20 pacific time. I too did not do well on Ethics. But the important thing is that I passed Lvl I. I think that’s almost everyone’s Achilles Heels. Are you currently located in China?


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