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JSF Richfaces best practice: drop down and data scroller

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drop down box
Clear a list for selectionOneMenu every time, got burned by this in a “page number” drop down for Richfaces data scroller. And some other places.

Use validator
keep in mind it will overwrite the required = “true”, if the user does not select a valid value from drop down, it will give error message during Save method.

Assign 0 to “–select–” ?
Yes or no. Add 0 means 0 is a selectable option, so if one wants to enforce user to select something using required=”true”, it will pass this check. Thus comes in the validator, in which one can say “0” is not valid.

Page number for data scroller
1) t:saveState if we can not have session scope for dataBean;
2) the drop down tip above;
3) When “adding or deleting rows” and it cause the total number of pages changes, make sure set the correct page number in the “action” (save) methods.

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