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I thought about going to Financial Field recently. More accurately, I am going to apply for Financial Engineering programs in the US and Canada starting next Fall. I already took the GRE (the last time I took before this one was Fall 1996) and was working on my “Statement of Purpose”. It turns out more difficult than I thought. My initial draft was shot down by my friends. I can see why – I merely list things I did chronically without too much explaination. I got a few days to rework on it.

This is not an easy decesion for me. And I don’t know if I will eventually I will make it or not. Besides the admission decesion by school, the money to attend school, there is this question: is it worth it?

The money part can be calculated, using the discounted cash flow method. But not the other stuff: the extra effort to learn new things mainly on Finance and Math; pressure of working in wallstreet vs. slower pace in St. Louis. I don’t think there is a formula or model to calculate this. Life is more complex than engineering and finance. But that’s also the beauty of the life: if you know everything in advance, will life still be that interesting?

Hope I can figure out all these by next Fall.

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