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Privacy info

Note we don’t collect any personal information on this website. That is unless you become another author of this blog website. In that case, this website will have your email address. Btw, guest author is always welcome. I understand blogging itself is slowly taken over by vlog (or video blogging) on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube etc., as well as the newer microblogging platforms such as Twitter (X) and Instagram. But on the other hand, writing and sharing knowledge is such a common human endeavor and I believe it will survive the video (iPhone, smartphone) revolution.

About me

My name is Minjie Xu 徐敏杰 and I am a software engineering professional with 20+ years of experiences primarily in the development. I also performed consulting and production support in my career.

I started my career doing CAD (Computer Aided Design) software development. In recent years I was mostly into enterprise systems development, as well as technical support (e.g., revenue accounting management, sales management, business process improvement), and mobile apps (iPhone/iPad/iOS). Technology-wise I evolved from C/C++, C#/VB .Net, to J2EE, web service, Objective C, Cocoa Touch; from backend to frontend. I’m also well-versed both in traditional waterfall and more recent agile approach, in terms of software development methodology.

I have undergraduate degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and my graduate (master’s) dgree at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

I consider myself a fast learner, a problem solver and a team player.

My other interests includes personal finance, investing, education and exercise (fitness). Back in year 2008 I passed the level one test of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Contact me

The best way is email me at minjie DOT xu AT gmail DOT com (no spam please). I am also on on FB (Instagram), LinkedIn (it listed all the places I worked in the STL area), Twitter (now X), and YouTube.

I started using LinkedIn and Twitter from year 2008 and I consider myself an old user for both the platforms. That’s when the time the social media in the US started to take off. I recall President Obama has a better website than  Hilary Clinton in terms of SEO (search engine optimization, or google friendly) in 2008, and in 2012 it was all Facebook.

Recently (as of 04-20-2023) I am also experimenting writing on substack. I also post on medium (@stlplace) sometimes.

Ted and TedX talks:

I have a YouTube playlist for this

Good Readings:

Time is the only real currency we have

Songs I listened when I was in 20s (mostly mandarin and cantonese pop)
Sandy Lam 林憶蓮
林憶蓮、李宗盛 – 當愛已成往事

傷痕 Scar 林憶蓮 傷痕專輯: Love, Sandy (1995)


CHEN Hui Xian
Tao Wu Jie

Qian Qian Que Ge

Piao Xue

Hong Cha Guan

Sha Nv

Chen Shu Hua
Meng Xing Shi Feng

Gun Gun Hong Chen

QI Qin: Wang Shi Shui Feng

ZHAO Chuan: Ai Yao Zhen Mu Shuo Chu Kou

WANG Fei: Tian Kong (Sky)

Whitney Houston. I was a big fan of her in college. I remember spent about 10 Yuan (remember at the time the monthly allowance was like 100 Yuan) to buy her album “Hero” when I was in college.

This is a song “When you believe“, sung by her and Maria Carey.



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