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Mortgage calculator 

A good list of iOS dev blogs by Quora

1. Aaron Hillegass (big nerd ranch): Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X

CS193E (Stanford): Cocoa Programming

(Indiana U): Object Oriented Programming in Objective-C

0. MacRumors: iPhone Programming

1. bbs (Chinese) cocoachina

2. blog( Chinese) Memory management (CHN, Robin Lu)

3. Make web page iPhone friendly: Scott Hanselman; iWebKit

4. CocoaHeads resources: links compile by

5. cocoaDevCentral

6. Objective C Notes (Chinese, mitbbs)

7. Services Tailor Apps for Small Businesses
A number of services including MobileAppLoader LLC, SwebApps, Mobile Roadie LLC and Kanchoo LLC have cropped up recently to help even the smallest and most local of businesses make apps, and they are pitching the programs as the next must-have marketing tool. With easy-to-use online templates, much like those used to make low-cost Web sites, a basic iPhone app can take 15 or 20 minutes to make and cost as little as $15 a month in hosting charges.

1. Apple: Apple store

2. Apple Discussions: Developer Forums

Website development
U of Albany tutorial: web page and layout; CSS

w3school; CSS (wiki)


Safari dev

App Reviews and stats
iPhone App Index: Where iPhone App Developers Show Off Their Work


The 7 Best iPhone Apps Review Websites

Walt Mossberg 06-17-09: New iPhone Is Better Model–Or Just Get OS 3.0 (AllThingsD)

Walt Mossberg 04-10-09: The Smartphone Wars (AllThingsD)

Walt Mossberg 03-25-09: Some Favorite Apps That Make iPhone Worth the Price (AllThingsD)

iLounge: Personal Finance App Reviewed

Yahoo Finance: iPhone app that watches your wallet

Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret 1st iPhone review June 26, 2007: The iPhone Is a Breakthrough Handheld Computer

App stats from VisionMobile

The Mobile Developer Journey

New to Mac
Objective C tutorial (

Opening a Window on the Mac (allThingsD)

PC to Mac basics (by Apple)

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Review by Stuff Magazine (via YouTube)

My blog posts
post 1: More Nokia smartphones: E63 and 5800 XpressMusic
post 2: Another Nokia 5800 deal at Dell Small biz
post 3: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: first impression

Little known vi stuff
ctrl+^: switch between last 2 files (in buffer)
%: match nearest [],(),{} on line, to its match (same line or others)


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