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We know phone/smartphone is a necessity nowadays for our daily lives – this is true when traveling in China too. This is especially true in terms of mobile pay, e.g., local KFC expect 90% of the customers pay via #AliPay or #WeChat Pay, or China #UnionPay (contactless). Below is a SIM card I saw from Amazon (it’s amazon associate link, btw). I noticed the registration has a small hiccup, basically it needs a bigger than 1M size for the sim card photo. The web page didn’t like when I uploaded a smaller size photo, and didn’t say explicitly what went wrong. Once the registration is successful from that website, they will send a confirmation email. I guess they probably use the information we provided to manually activate inside China. Note in China everyone needs to register her/his real name with the mobile carrier. Below is also an Amazon associate link for the SIM card. I will report back about the card once I used it in China.



03-13-2023: below information may be slightly out of date, I will review and update when time allows.

Air tickets and Tips

Note this update from FlyChina: this is helpful especially considering the new normal post pandemic, fewer flights, more paperwork etc.


Hotels I stayed/plan to stay in recent years
Courtyard Shanghai Xujiahui

Four points Shanghai Pudong

Park Hyatt Shanghai

Jinjiang Inn

Stuff about China

Nicholas Carson: Screw China

Ted Koppel/Discovery: People’s Republic of Capitalism
Xi Dan Girl (Ren Yue Li)CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2010, Feb 13 2010
Two programs I like and reminds me of the old times…

Xiao Hu Dui (Team Little Tigers)

Wang Fei “Legend”

Parade 01Oct2009
From YouTube.

Pretty nice, huh?

Chinese dance
2008 CCTV Spring Festival Gala “Fly”

2007 CCTV Spring Festival Gala “Xiao Cheng Xu Xiang” (Dancing in Rain)

Another version (looks better)

Songs known to generation Y (people born in 1980s; I think those songs are familiar to Gen X too)

Sandy Lin (Li Yi Lian) “Ai Shang Yi Ge Bu Hui Jia De Ren”

Chen Shu Hua “Tiao Wu Jie”

Sichuan (5/12/2008) Earthquake Donations