Reading Time: < 1 minute I happened to see this on twitter/X, and I would say the Middle Westeners have both (kind and nice 🙂 I am in HK right now with my family, and my 14 year old commented STL is not as famous for tourism compared to Hong Kong. True. We are on the way from the US

June 24, 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minute My 14 year old chose to do both Health and PE from Launch, an online program from Springfield MO school district. And she was doing camp or camp counselor duty as well, with Before Care responsibility for the counselor job. It seems this is more like regular school in steroids or turbo-charged. I think I

June 13, 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minute I received a new HP EliteBook 645 G10 for work recently. Note I wrote about Desktops, Laptops And Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI For Work 我在美国上班20多年用过的那些电脑 recently too. I recall with my 1st new work laptop, an IBM ThinkPad, as I was working from home in 2008, I would be somewhat concerned if the laptop fans

June 10, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some random thoughts I had on consumer products companies stocks: I think it’s probably better to bet on $V and $MA instead of $LULU, $NKE, $DECK, $CROX, $SBUX and last but not least: $ONON which I have a small long position, thinking selling it around summer Olympics. I just sold few $LULU shares and I

June 7, 2024

Reading Time: 4 minutes (Below is from a tweet/X thread I wrote last year) #Performance testing is important. At the same time, we don’t want to the performance tuning too early, or set an unrealistic performance goal. A better way in my opinion is to tune/optimize the app (or web services) performance as it scales up (getting more users).

June 5, 2024

Reading Time: 4 minutes On Oct 13, 2015, I bought this Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch – White from Amazon ($50). Note this is just a notification watch, and it can send the text message from phone to my watch. The reason I wanted it is because at that time, I was worried I could miss the text message over

May 29, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Things to pay attention when we are over 50 (I borrowed this paragraph from a high school classmate in mailand CHN) 我来说几句吧,不妥之处请大家指正:1. 一定要有医保,有能力的可以适当配点商业保险 2. 同学们都巳年过半百了,各种慢性病会慢慢出来,应该学习一点医学常识。个人建议关注以下几个(微信)公众号: 丁香医生/ 菠萝因子/ 营养师顾中一 Below is my own cooking Exercise 锻炼身体:running, jogging, and walking 跑步,慢跑,走路 are all good. Many other good cardiovascular exercise 心血管运动 include cycling, swimming, and tennis. Take your

May 23, 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minute 在2019年之前,我大概有二十年没有割草了。从1998年一月到1999年七月,我住在罗拉的美国大学生的兄弟会(Wikipedia fraternity; interestingly I joined the Delta Tau Delta fraternity (Epsilon Nu chapter) which is shown in the image when you do google search). 我在兄弟会的时候割过几次草。兄弟会有duty, 翻译成中文大概是值日值班的意思,我的任务里有不少是洗碗,偶尔也有割草。兄弟会是汽油的传统割草机:会有汽油的味道。印象最深的一次是大概是98年的夏天,兄弟会后面有较大的草地,我们一开始没有割草,后来发现有(不太友好的)邻居把我们举报了。马路对面的美国邻居是较友好的,我印像中他叫Bob May, 他告诉我们这个事。后来我们兄弟会有能力的美国小兄弟,去租了一个可以坐上去的割草机,把后面的草给割了。 我2000年十月份来圣路易斯以后,一直住公寓和康斗(Condo, 相当于买下来的公寓), 就不用担心割草的事。一直到19年夏天,搬到现在的独门独户的房子。 我一开始在亚马逊上买了这个 Greenworks 40V 16″ Cordless (Push) Lawn Mower,用了几年,效果还可以。一直到去年(2023年)春夏天,第一次割草时感觉很卡,割两下就熄火Shutdown. 我想两百多块的钱,用了快四年,也值了本了。正好在Costco 看到这个马力大的 Greenworks 80V 21″ Gen 2 Self-Propelled Mower, 还打折,就跳了。事后想想,打折的东西要稍加小心,也许有坑。 后来发现确实有坑:这个割草机的好处是马力大,也有自推的功能。她的缺点是一个电池基本上是坏的,还有她在草较长的时候也同样熄火。最近我联系了厂家,换了个电池。但是总的来说,她家说充满电一次可以割 0.75 acre 是达不到的。我家的院子大概是 0.28 acre,

May 21, 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minute 好像有个说法,人生在于折腾。 Zhihu: 人生的意义在于折腾 晚读 | 人生在于折腾,而不是年纪轻轻趋于平静 (新黄河 via 我想对年轻人来说,这个基本上是适用的。比如说前几年流行的创业,我们年轻时(大学毕业时,九十年代初)去南方,广东,深圳等。With some exceptions, of course. The main thing is we all need to listen to our body – doesn’t matter whether one is young or old. We want to avoid things like below Another death at BoA (X)? A 25-year-old Bank of America credit trader died

May 17, 2024

Reading Time: 4 minutes Or ransomware as a service or RaaS, please refer to this Pensacola News Journal article, search for “Black Basta” for the detailed information. I felt this article was well written. Unfortunately, this one is the place I used to work – Ascension Health (company official note on this cyber security event). I also talked about

May 14, 2024
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