SCOTUS ruling on abortion

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been in the US since 1997, and I have seen plenty of disfunction or ugliness of the US politics, mainly on the executive branch and legislative branch. Things from the Bill Clinton Lewinsky scandal, mainly his lying and the subsequent impeachment, to George W Bush’s mishandling of Iraq war and probably a lot… Continue reading SCOTUS ruling on abortion

Brutal selling

Reading Time: < 1 minute also Btw, I sense the current market probably wiped out a lot of new retail investors (home gamers in Jim Cramer’s words), or many new Robinhood app users. Last but not least, is this transitory?

Benson Hill $BHIL a food company

Reading Time: 2 minutes They are across the street neighbor (linkedIn, web page, career page, current openings, Investor Relations, google finance stock). Some readings Latest 10-Q for the 3 months ends at 03/31/2022; investor presentation April 2022; investor presentation June 2021). They seems to have cash to sustain two quarters (source: from 10-Q page 8 we can see $53.2… Continue reading Benson Hill $BHIL a food company

Weekend thoughts: what a market and apple fitness+

Reading Time: 2 minutes The stock market continued its downward trend this past week, and on Friday, S&P 500 went down 20% from the beginning of the year, and it officially tested the bear market (20% down is a measurement of bear market). But, per other measures, such as Schiller PE, it’s 36 as of 04-01-2022 (may down a… Continue reading Weekend thoughts: what a market and apple fitness+

Weekend thoughts 05-14-2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes Indoctrination (powered by Oxford Language): the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. When I grew up in China, I recall my first Chinese lesson is “Chairman Mao lives always in our heart” (毛主席永远活在我们心中)。I recall the time when Chairman Mao passed away: when I was about 5. That’s… Continue reading Weekend thoughts 05-14-2022