Reading Time: 2 minutes This was actually the second dental office I visited in the US, it’s at Bridgeton near the #STL airport. The 1st one was near the apartment I was living at the time (River Des Peres and Chippewa Street, year 2004 or early year 2005). But the hygienist was quite judgmental to my dental hygiene or

September 22, 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes The recent tragedy in our community (Olivette and the Ladue School Community): Two boys in the fatal University City crash were best friends, next-door neighbors Quote: Deion and Demetrius, known as “Meechie,” were next-door neighbors. Both of their families moved in 2018 from Pagedale to the 9300 block of Rothwell Heights Lane. Reference: school districts

September 15, 2023

Reading Time: < 1 minute For parents of the Ladue school bus riders: here is the SafeStop app (Android on Google Play, iOS, and the School Access Code is here). The app started working for me again (tracking and notifications, for the most part) on September 11, 2023 for the new school year. I am on iPhone and I set

September 14, 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yesterday, with the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 15, some people noticed that Apple released a new USB C to lightning adapter. And, it’s going to cost $29 dollars. Such a rip-off 🙂 However, few people touted that Apple kept the iPhone 15 price the same as iPhone 14, while at the same time slashing

September 13, 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today I saw the flag was lowered at a local bank, and I knew it’s the 22nd anniversary of Sept-11, 2001, and I still remember that day. That morning, I was watching TV before going off to work, and it appears to me something hit the twin tower, and there was helicopter responding to the

September 11, 2023

Reading Time: 5 minutes I put the double quotes around because looking back I don’t think I would die. Probably “scared to death” is more appropriate. But at the time I was really scared. It was probably in my 1st grade or 2nd grade, I cannot remember exactly. Maybe my parents or siblings or the aunt who helped me

September 8, 2023

Reading Time: 8 minutes A touchy topic. I have been in the tech industry for almost 23 years, and I have seen my share of the layoffs. I saw the layoff very early in my career, and the most recent ones in last year or so (amid the big tech post pandemic layoffs). Layoffs are usually not pleasant. But

September 5, 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes Update (09-06-2023) Just heard the proposed Bayer campus redevelopment project will have 1,000 apartment units. Note this will be much bigger than the other completed or ongoing projects. Think a school district impact study is needed here (between the developer, the City of Creve Coeur and the Ladue School District). Original (09-03-2023): we live in

September 3, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Agent brown is the name my girls gave to the AirTag I used to attached to the car key (it has a brown holder) and later my older daughter attached it to her brown wallet. We lost agent brown. Saturday, to be more precise, 8/19 evening, at about 6:42 pm I got a text message

August 19, 2023
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