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I will be taking vacations from tomorrow Jan 27 till Feb 5. I expect to have access to Internet regularly but I hope I can find something more fun than computer. Life is much more than computer and Internet.

Today is my last day at work before this Chinese New Year. I told some of my coworkers about my travel plan to China. Interestingly I saw more and more people are aware of the Chinese New Year. Probablly it’s because of all the media coverage of China’s economic development/growth. The other day I heard NPR “Market Place” program did live broadcasting from Congqing, southwest China. While I enjoyed all the praise and good words for China’s growth, I am also aware there is a long way for China to catch up with the developed countries. I think this is why there are opportunities for overseas educated/experienced Chinese professionals. Initially I thought I will be doing exactly same thing at my company for many years to come. Now it seems unlikely if I keep my eyes open.

Wish all the friends have a great Chinese New Year, whether you are overseas or in China!

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