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Just as I felt pretty good about working & living in Shanghai, I lost my digital camera on a taxi. See, sometimes I can not feel too good about myself. It’s mostly my fault. I put the camera in my coat pocket because I took pictures whenever I saw something interesting. It’s very easy for the camera to slide out of the pocket.

I took about 100 to 200 pictures in Shanghai: from subway to shopping malls. I was amazed to see the penetration of luxury brands in China. I saw “Burberry” in 3 places in Nanjing Rd; in St. Louis there is a small counter in Plaza Frontenac. I remember one summer I saw a leather coat on sale at Chicago Burberry store, but I hasitated a while and went to another store. When I came back, the store was already closed (Sunday evening the store closed at 6PM). That’s one reason I remember the Burberry brand.

Losing a new camera certainlly is not a happy thing. I did manage to call the taxi company right after the loss, I am not optimistic about the outcome. Usually I take another look at the seat before leaving taxi. But today I did not. I did not take the receipt, which makes the investigation more difficult.

I will try to keep all the wonderful things about Shanghai in my memory.

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