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Today is the second day I work in Shanghai. Taking the subway (metro, underground) from Xu Jia Hui to Jing An Temple was not too bad. It took me about 45 minutes from my hotel to the Kerry Center in W. Nanjing Rd. I chose No. 3 and No. 2 subway. The reason I did not chose No. 1 subway and People’s Square for transit was that I got scared by the number of people in People’s Square last summer. I spent about 20 minutes walking, 25 minutes riding the metro. Good exercise. The down side is: yesterday afternoon it started raining. It’s difficult to get a taxi in a rainy day, especially during rush hour. Today the weather is really cold. Only at those times I miss my car.

Food-wise, it’s fantastic. I went out for lunch with my co-workers. For RMB 10-15, you can get lots of stuff, real Chinese food. Yesterday we got “He Fan”, which has pork, fish, vegetable, soup and rice; today we went for “Northwestern” food: lamb and noodle.

Work-wise, I also got something accomplished. I even talked to my coworker in India, to help him with his problem. When I was in the States, we had a big time difference; now India seems much closer.

I did missed the super bowl and commercials, but I guess it’s OK. Because my home team St. Louis Rams is not in play.

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