Going home finally

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I will be going home tomorrow. To be more precise, I will go to my parents home at Ningbo this weekend. Since twelve I left my home for middle school, I am used to move. From Zhenghai, to Wuhan, to Shanghai, eventually to Missouri (Rolla, St. Louis). Sometimes I don’t know where is my home. Since graduating from college I spent very little time at Ningbo because of work or school. I believe my parents really like to have me at home more but I had to admit I am not a good child. I remembered when I was in college at Wuhan, at one Winter break I told them I did not want to go back because I did not want to take the pain to stand in the railcar for 20 hours. My mom, who never wrote to me, wrote a heart-warming letter to persuade me to come back. I had no choice but to listen to her plea.

On the other hand, although I bought a condo in St. Louis last year, and I have lived in STL for more than 5 years, I still don’t know whether I should call STL my home. In my mind a home is more than a physical place, it should have some emotional attachment.

Today I bought the bus ticket from Shanghai to Beilun, it will be a 4 hours bus trip. Yes I am still confused about where is my home, but I hope my home-coming can make my parents and family members happy…

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