Pudong and Pu Xi

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Pudong 浦东 is well-known these days because it stands for the development of new Shanghai. I remember in 1980s there is a saying in Shanghai: 宁要浦西一张床,不要浦东一间房. Translated in English, it says people would rather want a bed in Pu Xi than a room in Pudong. Not any more. From what I heard from my friends and what I saw, Pudong has much more open spaces, wider roads and side walk, more green, and fewer people. Basically, it’s more like the States; while Pu Xi is much more crowded. Lu Jia Zui 陆家嘴, which is opposite to the Waitan(Bund) on the Pu Xi, is now the financial center of Shanghai. There are many skyscrapers. The view from the Bing Jiang Road 滨江大道 is also fantastic. The new airport, Pudong International (PVG), is also at Pudong near the East Sea. I have some old and new friends live in Pudong happily these days. I am thinking, if I come back to Shanghai, I will pick Pudong too. Yes I know Pu Xi has many more fun places, such as bars, restaurants, and shopping places. But I can trade all these for more spaces.

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