Valentine’s Day in Shanghai

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On my way out of office, about 6:15 PM, I saw a flower delivery guy asking “how do I find this girl named…, is this Kerry center?” It seems to me this guy will have little chance to get the roses delivered. On the metro and the streets, I saw many guys and girls holding flowers. I passed by a few popular places, people already lined up for the Valentine’s dinner.

A few years ago I was trying to find a place to eat dinner in Valentine’s day in St. Louis, I found most restaurants were filled up. But this time in Shanghai I can feel the atmosphere is more intense. Although I did not receive any roses or chocolate, I can smell it on the street.

By the way, the price of roses went up sharply for the Valentine’s day. I heard a red rose used to cost RMB 3 went up to RMB 10 today. And a guy bought some 999 roses for RMB 35,000 for his girlfriend/wife.

But again, if true love can be bought by money, I bet a lot people will be glad to buy it.

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