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I was a bit tired of big meals these days. I think I should blame myself for lack of self control. But there are just so many good food in Shanghai I can not resist. The buffet in “Home Inn (Ru Jia)” was good, especially the Ru Jia near Xu Jia Hui. So I ate a lot. Then during lunch my co-workers take me to different places, I ate a lot again. Sometimes I felt sleepy and I had to go downstairs to get Starbucks coffee. Maybe I should buy some Starbucks stock instead.

Today I took a different approach, to save myself the coffee. I had Congee for the lunch and the toasted sweet potato for dinner. I liked the sweet potato. Maybe I will use oven to bake the sweet potato in St. Louis. But I think the taste may not be as good as Shanghai.

The good thing is it seems I have not gained any weight. Maybe I can tell my boss I worked too hard.

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