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After I upgraded from version 5.0 to 7.5, I had some problems using MSN messenger. Basically when I start the Windows, it will start up the 5.0 first, and then launch the 7.5 version. In doing so it will sign out from 5.0 and then sign in the 7.5. So I will see two or three messages saying “you sign out from MSN messenger because you sign in another computer”, bala bala bala. I am sorry to my MSN friends if you got all these annoying messages. The good thing is I believe I found a workaround: I disabled the automatic sign in for the 5.0 when Windows starts. So we all should not get all these stupid messages.

I think the root cause of this problem is when I installed the new version (7.5), it did not automatically uninstall the old version (5.0). It appears to me 5.0 is a part of Windows Operating System, and it could not be uninstalled separately. In my mind it’s just another bug at Microsoft side.

Now if I could fix my own bugs.

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