Do because believe self

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Saw this word from a Chinese blog, and I liked it. Recently I started to work on a web project I thought about for a long time but did not do too much about it. This past weekend I started working on it again, and I did learn something. Now I know why I need Ajax (why HTML and PHP are not enough) and what is Ajax, the buzz word (technology) of this web 2.0 arena.

Last few days I also found two interesting web sites (or search engine for vertical market), they are kooxoo (in China) and propsmart (house listings with google map). They are just startups. But I believe they are solving real problems for consumers and will have bright future.

Since I am working on my project, I will probablly scale down on the blog for the moment, which I think may worked out better because I don’t think I can come up interesting things everyday, and there are lots of interesting blogs out there (hint, the links at the side bar).

So, for the moment, I will do what I believe.   

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