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I have stayed in the Home Inn (Rujia) for a while. My hometown friend, who is a small business owner, recommended it to me in 2004. Since then I would stay at this motel for my China trip, because it’s clean and fit my budget. Not supersingly, Wang Jianshuo also recommended it in his blog. I stayed at Jin Jiang Star too. The main difference is Rujia has free Internet access (Jin Jiang charges a fee based on usage).

But I had some problems with the mattress at Rujia, both during my last trip and this one. I felt the mattress is too hard. I know I am a little spoiled after being in the States for a long time, but my body seems only like the mattress made in the US (more soft). Last time, I tried different rooms in the Rujia, without any luck. I believe they bought the mattress from the same place. So this time, I have to do something else. I asked them give me some comforter (quilt). They came back with a small comforter. It helps but it’s like “using a cup of water to put out a fire”. So I decided to called up my old buddy in SUFE, took the taxi, and got the quilt from his home.

Now I feel more at home at “Home Inn”.

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