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I missed most of US open tennis because of this trip. I watched Andre Agassi’s 3.5 hrs fight agaist No. 8 seed Baghdatis the night before leaving. His perseverance prevailed. I have a lot of respect for him. I hope I can have some more perseverance too.

Back to TV programs. I watched one reality show on the CCTV, “Winning in China”, sponsored by Yahoo China etc. The partipants presents their business plans, answer questions from three judges: the Alibaba Chairman Ma Yun, UTStarcom China CEO Wu Ying, and a VC guy Mr. Xiong. I think most of the questions are good ones, except one lame question from Wu Ying. At one time he used English to ask a Haigui about his personal life: it seems to me Mr. Wu was just trying to show off his English and the question is definitely impropriate in western customs (the question was how come the participant got married 3 years while his kid is only a few months old). Maybe Mr. Wu has been back for too long.

I also saw another TV reality show “Quest USA” advertisement being shown on the TV screen in Metro stations. I have a few pictures at Yupoo.  Here is one:

It was more like the “Apprentice” or “Amazing race”, basically the team work together to accomplish some tasks. The team are made of Chinese from China, Hongkong, Taiwan and the US. I thought about applying for this last year, but the show was canceled due to lack of sponsorship. Obviously this year they made it work.

I also watched some talk show, which to some extent is similar to the Jay Leno or David Letterman’s late night show. It seems to me the TV program in China is closer to the US.  

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