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I visited my childhood home yesterday. There are lots of change because of economy development. The old gravois road is wider and paved, with side walks and lights. 

The new road

There are no rice field any more. Almost all the lands are used for manufacturing companies or sold to developers. Even the brook by my house is also reconstructed; I remember I used to catch small fish there when I was a little kid. Now the water is not as clean as it used to be. The plan to construct highway and railway is also on the schedule. Last but not least, the elementary school I went during 1st to 4th grade is combined with another large school in town (I went there for 5th grade), now the kids have to take shuttles (15-20 minutes) to school.

While I cherish the economy development and the opportunities it bring to the young people, I am also very concerned on the environment and its impact on older people. I think the development of my hometown is very typical “China growth” story in past 10 years. I hope the growth can be sustained and people can all benefit from it.  

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