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I happened to see this “Investment 101” from forun web site, a very small (boutique) research firm. Wish I had read it before jump into market 3 years ago. Oh well, I know even if I read it, I would forget it and make the same mistakes. A lot times we have to learn the lesson the hard way.

It’s an interesting story to find this research firm. So I was listening to the conference call of Ninetowns, the stock I bought at its IPO and bought it again today. An analyst from forun called in and talked in English with a heavy Chinese accent. Sometimes when he got stuck, he used Mandarin with strong Hunan accent . The CEO of Ninetowns can not speak English. So they talked in Mandarin. Another SVP of Ninetowns did the translation. There are only two analysts called in for the questions. The other guy Dick Wei from JP Morgan, is also ethnic Chinese. Note JP Morgan was the underwriter of its IPO in Dec 2004.   

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