B2B Developments in China

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B2B, business to business, was a popular concept in dot com era. The idea was to connect the companies (suppliers, OEM, vendors…) using B2B software. In those days, there are a few B2B software companies such as Commerce One flied high. But B2B never grew as big as people dreamed in the US. On the other hand, Alibaba, the China company connecting Chinese manufacturers with foreign buyers, was very successful. The bar raised again recently as more players joined the party. One of them, is the Ninetowns (NINE), the company provides software for importing and exporting in China. The following is I saw from Andy Yu’s blog (in Chinese, see below).

We all know in business especially foreign trade, trust is very important. Essentially TooToo is creating its own rank system for the Chinese exporters. They have the raw data when providing the software and services for Chinese companies, and the rank is based on those data. When foreign buyers see an exporter is certified by TooToo, or “China Qualified Supplier”,  they can worry less about the quality etc. TooToo (Ninetowns) essentially is trying to create a credit report for the Chinese suppliers.



Disclosure: I own Ninetowns (NINE) ADRs.


  1. 交流,共进,其实我在ERP等软件方面的了解不多,得向你多多学习,我给你回了封邮件,我手机号还是我联系方式里面的那个,没有改。

  2. China, which has at least 150 million internet users, second only to the United States, is seen as a key prize in e-commerce. No wonder every country is in the development of the China’s network.
    The rise of China presents new economic, political and social realities that demand greater U.S. engagement at every level. As the foundation of that engagement, we urgently need to raise the number of Americans who can demonstrate a functional proficiency in Chinese.
    AmeriChinaB2B Inc. which runs the most visited US-China business to business(B2B) web platforms. launches a reverse direction Alibaba platform. AC Ali, to help US businesses export to potential buyers in China.
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