RedHat is moving to NYSE

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It’s not news any more. There are many discussions on the Yahoo message board. Basically Redhat, which is traded on NASDAQ under “RHAT”, is applying the move to NYSE, the good old New York Stock Exchange, under ticker symbol “RHT” on Dec 12. I think it’s a proactive and smart move from RedHat management. Generally NASDAQ is a more volatile market than NYSE; and it’s especially true for RedHat stocks lately because of all these news. This move won’t get rid of all the day traders or short sellers, but it should help.

Of course, the most important things of all, is continue to provide the product and service the customers want. Here is a survey of CIOs and RedHat ranked No. 1 overall.

You can see the news here.

Disclosure: I do own RedHat stocks.

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