Heelys IPO Start Tomorrow Dec 8

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Obviously there is already a lot of excitement on this one, partly because of the success of similar plays such as UARM and CROX; partly because of Jim Cramer’s pump last night Dec 6, Jim did make a mistake saying it’s going out today (Dec 7), which is not true. It is going to be priced today and started trading tomorrow Dec 8, see this article from MarketWatch for more details.

(Update) Actually the HYLS was priced above the 16 to 18 range and went to 21, according to Reuters. Considering the 2006 earning of 1.00 (it already made 0.70 in first 9 months in 2006), and a PE ratio of 30 (which is reasonable), the stock could start at 30. This means a 50% jump from the IPO price. While this is not a record (compared to more than 100% jump of NMX), it will still be very nice. We can already see the action from today’s CSWC (it owns 35% of Heelys) stock, it went up 15%. 

Once again the bubble is building…stay tuned.

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