New Trend in the China Stock Market

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I did not realized the China Life Insurance (LFC) is going IPO in Shanghai Stock Exchange (A shares) until a few days ago. I did a little research on the web and found out there are quite a few big cap Chinese ADRs are going this route: Guangshen Railway (GSH) and Aluminum China (ACH) are another two. Here is an article I found on the web: besides those US ADRs, we have a few Hongkong listed companies such as Bank of China, China Industrial and Commercial Bank, PingAn Insurance, Air China, DaTang, etc.

So far the best performing stock is LFC; GSH also got a jump in past few days. Should have done research on this earlier: stock market is not like pursuing girl friends, besides being focused one should also be vigilant on new things.

Who is going to be the next one on the “back to China IPO”? I don’t know. But I believe the trend will continue, and one of the safe way to bet on this is investing through ETFs such as FXI. Sun’s Financial Diary has a very good analysis on this.

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