Internet Disruptions Due to Taiwan Earthquake

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It seems to me the Internet connection from China to the outside world was down, because I could not get to some of the sites from baidu news. I attached the official email from iTalkBB, my IP phone provider at the end of this post. For me it’s just some inconvenience, but how much effect it would have on the business depending on the Internet connection between China and the US? Oh well, maybe they will have a backup plan. Here is another article about the Internet outage.

From a smaller scale, I don’t know the effect on people trading Chinese domestic stocks (A shares) from the US, vice versa. In this case, a good connection means money 🙂 

 A strong earthquake and three powerful aftershocks shook southern China Sea near Taiwan on Wednesday, December 27, 2006. The quake damaged some undersea cables off the Taiwan coast. These lines route calls and process Internet traffic for several Asian countries.

Telephone and Internet service was disrupted across Asia cutting off 50 percent to 60 percent of overall internet service capacity affecting connections to China , Japan and Southeast Asia . Service from those countries to the US resulted in 90 percent of capacity loss. Many major telephone and Internet Companies are experiencing service interruption at this time.

Taiwan government officials claimed that the damaged portion of the cables will be pulled to the surface and repaired aboard ships. There will be communications difficulties in Taiwan , and additional telephone and Internet glitches in neighboring countries including Japan , China , Hong Kong and South Korea until the repair is completed.

At this time, you may be experiencing some poor quality issues when calling those Asian countries, especially Taiwan , China , and Hong Kong . Calls placed from China to the US using our China Phone Number or Call Back may not go through or have poor quality.

iTalkBB is working actively to assist the repair process in Asia , but we have very minimum control over this situation. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We are confident that all communications will be restored when the cables are repaired. According to news sources the estimated time frame is about weeks.

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