Aluminum ACH Anyone?

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I happened to see ACH, Aluminum China, from grusinvestments. And I went to Yahoo Finance to get more info. But some of the data there are not accurate. For instance, the PE 1.96, and yield 12.90% should really be 8, and 3.2% respectively. I think the problem was caused by the split of their stocks (4:1). Now each ADR represents 25 ordinary shares (2600.HK). Note ACH is going IPO in Shanghai Stock Exchange this year (2007). I briefly read their 2005 annual report and 2006 interim (half year) report. The construction and transportation makes up 30% and 22% of the global market share in 2005. I believe China is a biggest consumer of Aluminum in the world. The Aluminum price rode high in the first half 2006. Since I don’t know about the demand, and the Aluminum price, I will be on the sideline for now.

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