Something Hard to Predict

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It’s the beginning of the year again. As usual people like to predict the markets, the economy etc. I don’t know how accurate will that be. But I know probablly half of them will turn out to be right 🙂 Predicting the general market and economy is not an easy job. But I think as individual investor we are not powerless either, at least we can do a few things:

1) Invest regularly (don’t buy all at once);

2) Do the homework, if we don’t have the luxury of visiting the company, at least we can read the 10Qs (quarterly report), 10Ks (annual report), pay attention to the product or services we used in our daily lives and work place;

3) From time to time, we can all summerize what went right, what went wrong;

4) Last but not least, be patient.

To be honest, I don’t know how the housing market will be, how the oil price will go, how my 401K will perform this year…but I know I will continue to pay down the house, put money into 401K, and waste lots of gas driving around for the “store reality checking”.


  1. I think these idea from above are good that can help people predicting their markets and the economy, although I am not a person good at earning money from stock business.

  2. Nancy, I think you misunderstood my point. I was saying that “I can not predict market or economy, or stock prices”. I can only do “what I can do” such as saving, investing, etc. I think same principles can apply to you 🙂

  3. Hi,thanks for your notes. I know your meaning, I just want to say that you do the things are better for your own investing and can also help others’ investing, such as me.Maybe I got a mistake from my poor English diction. So sorry.

  4. Oh, so funny, I have got a mistake again. You do the things can not help my investing and you just can give me some suggestions.
    I am sorry about my English of Chinese style and poor grammar.

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