Symbols of US Chinese ADRs Traded in HKSE

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The following is an incomplete list of the Chinese blue chip (or red chips) companies traded both in NYSE and HKSE (Hongkong Stock Exchange). Some thinly traded stocks such as China Eastern Airlines (CEA) are not included.  

NYSE HK         Full Name 

ACH  2600.HK  Aluminum China

CEO  0883.HK  China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC)

CHA  0728.HK  China Telecom

CHL  0941.HK  China Mobile

CHU  0762.HK  China Unicom

LFC  2628.HK   China Life Insurance

PTR  0857.HK   China Petro

SMI  0981.HK    Semiconductor Manufacturing Intl

SNP  0386.HK   China Petro and Chemical

For more infomation, check out Yahoo Finance HK. Also I did not listed the number of HK shares each US ADR worth, it would be nice if someone compile a list of that 🙂

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