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Counting Crocs CROX

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This evening when I was in the TaekwonDo class, I counted the number of Crocs in my class. Out of 12 pairs of shoes, there are 3 pairs of Crocs. Seriously, I did a little analysis on the Crocs sales number in year 2005 and 2006. The growth is very impressive, but how long will the trend last?

                   2004         2005            2005 9m 2006 9m        9m growth
Sales $13,500,000 $108,600,000 $70,741,000 $236,162,000 234%
# of pairs 649,000      6,000,000     3,908,343     13,047,624 
$ per pair   $20.80            $18.10        $18.10            $18.10 

Note: for 2006 9m number, they did not say the actual pairs sold, I assume the same unit price as of 2005, and get the unit number by dividing sales by $ per pair.

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