Mindray MR Pre-announce Fiscal 2006

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I summerized its year 2005 and 2006 (low end) number here. I noted that the revenue year over year growth slowed a bit (consider first 9 months growth about 41%). This can be attribute to the continuing “anti-corruption” campaign in China hospitals.

                  2005               2006              YoY

Rev (CNY)  1,078,573,000 1,470,000,000 36.29%
Income         205,089,000    360,000,000 75.53%
Earning (CNY)           2.40                3.73 55.42%

You can read the news here.

Both EDU and MR went down after announce a good quarter (at least good in my mind), but it seems Wall Street (or traders) did not buy that. Maybe the expectation for Chinese IPOs is even higher? I would watch carefully at HMIN after today’s jump, because I bought some HMIN shares this morning. I am sure the HMIN will beat its guidance, the question is by how much.  

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