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There are lots of praises for Home Inns (Rujia, most in Chinese). I saw this one in English. Actually from my own experience at four Home Inns in Shanghai I have both praises and complaints. So every coin has two sides.

On serious side, I noticed after Home Inns developed the new hotels in Nanjing and Qingdao this year, they are developing very fast in Xi’an and Anhui. This is all good. But I still have couple questions for them: as they add more hotels, how many are company owned (how many are franchised)? From my understanding they make a lot more money from company owned hotels. Also, how about pricing power? (do they need to discount to get people to stay?)

Note the stock hit all time high yesterday ($41.85).

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  1. Well, seems not hard.

    First, categorize it as the economical or luxury type and analyze making money from the quality or quantity. Notice that Crocs keep making money even it never discount. Secondly, ”trend assay” but need know it is at the “log phase” or “lag phase”. Thirdly, “consistence and innovation” theory but digging out if the innovation could be consistent finally…

    Oh, no, hard though if follow Major’s rule…

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