Swap some Heelys with Crocs

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Did a little adjustment on my portifolio today. Sold 30 shares of Heelys (HLYS) and bought 22 shares of Crocs (CROX). I saw the new product release from Crocs today.

“…the Off Road and All Terrain models in the spring and fall of 2007. The Off Road (MSRP: $39.99) is a rugged outdoor shoe with additional traction and is currently available in women’s sizes (6-12) and men’s sizes (4-13). The model is available in seven color combinations, including chocolate/chocolate and sienna/khaki, new to the shoe’s 2007 color palette. The All Terrain (MSRP: $59.99) is a weatherproof shoe for all-condition performance and stability. The shoe is available in women’s sizes (6-12) and men’s sizes (4-13) in five colors, including the new 2007 color combination of black/black…”

Seriously, I am trying to find a company which will have sustainable growth for 5 to 10 years. I believe Crocs have a better chance than Heelys. Here is the message from its “messager” (ad/marketing firm):

“Crocs is one of the most forward-thinking companies we have ever seen,” says Michael Goldberg, Zimmerman’s Chief Marketing Officer. “They’re not just committed to bringing the world good products. They’re also committed to doing a world of good with those products. That combination can be a powerful force on a global level, and we wanted to play on their team…”

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