Another New Oriental?

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A few months ago I saw a statement from New Oriental about the “Oriental Standard”. I thought Oriental Standard was some “New Oriental” knockoffs, which also provide English education in China. I was wrong. After a little research, now I believe Mr. Yu Minghong owned the ancester of Oriental Standard (it’s called New Oriental Professional Education Center) before 2006. It’s an IT training and service subsidiary of New Oriental group. In order to prepare the New Oriental IPO in NYSE, that subsidiary was spun off. The Oriental Standard focused more on IT professional service and outsourcing, in addtion to IT training.

Separately, I read Chinese news and it says Oriental Standard raised fund from Doll Capital, the company took 51job to Nasdaq a few years ago. To make things more interesting, it seems Oriental Standard still uses the New Oriental domain name. Oh, well, just like Lenovo still uses the “thinkpad” after they bought the PC/laptop from IBM 🙂


  1. That’s indeed another oriental news.

    In my opinion, for the foreign language training in new oriental, what make it so flourishing are those thirsty students for language learning and the excellent teachers who want make quick money form Mr. Yu; things need to be considered ahead for the IT training are: Would those IT elites really like to sacrifice the hot market and put their efforts into new oriental cooperating with Michael for education? Do people still want to put lot money in the IT learning as they do in language learning and the test preparation? But on the other hand, education is always a big potential industry, who knows…

  2. Seriously, I am not optimistic about this Oriental IT training thing. There are many reasons but I don’t want to speculate now.

    I think it’s wise for Yu Minghong and New Oriental to focus on English for now.

  3. Yes, I agreed with you that Yu Minhong should focus on his English things. But you just remind me a movie named “Detrail”. The movie is a so-so one but the title was just kept in my mind. As human beings, we are detrailed quite often, for developing, for fun, for no reasons. But the most important thing is to find the trail. Don’t know if we can see Mr. Yu as detrailed for his IT training, but I do believe the English Class is his main trail as you pointed out.

    又, 赞一个

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