Ford Taurus is Back

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It’s interesting to hear they decided to bring back the old name, the family sedan saved Ford during its difficult times in 1990s. Ford is in trouble again lately, due to its unattractive products and sky high labor cost. Will this name change save the company? Maybe not. But I think it will help them in some ways.

A little backgound: Ford introduced Ford 500, its new family sedan a while ago, to replace the decade old Taurus. Taurus was a big hit in its early years (1990s), but was increasingly under pressure from CamCord (Toyota Camry and Honda Accord) as it ages. Its brand was more diluted when the rental fleet (Hertz) have all those Taurus.  

Now the key question is: are there any Taurus fans (hint: moms) left?

ford taurus pic

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